The American healthcare system is one of the least effective and uses 2.5 times more national resources than any other developed nation. This inefficiency burdens vulnerable patients who are often forced to pay egregious amounts for necessary services and medications. Our team works to overcome this challenge by supporting legislation and elected officials that shares our value for health equity and by holding Harvard research facilities accountable to ethical use of new knowledge so that it is not given to corporations that misuse it for excessive profit at the expense of patients lives.


Healthcare not Wealthcare- GAMI has collaborated with Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science to coordinate an event that focuses on high drug pricing issues that are relevant to students and future healthcare leaders.


Massachusetts Drug Pricing- GAMI is conducting preliminary research so that next semester we can launch a campaign for drug pricing in the state.

UAEM Partnership

UAEM shares a common goal with GAMI in working to ensure more equitable pricing for drugs. Their many projects serve as a platform for us to enact change and fight for lower drug pricing. The UAEM network is strong and allows for our community to interact with other healthcare advocates in the Greater Boston Area and nation.

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